Daal neder, engel : over het bedolven leven

Thomas Wolfe (author), Sjaak Commandeur (translator)
Daal neder, engel (1929) van Thomas Wolfe, verschijnt nu voor het eerst in het Nederlands, in een geweldige vertaling van Sjaak Commandeur. Deze grootscheepse autobiografische roman gaat over een kind en zijn familie, een scholier en zijn stad, een student en zijn land. Midden in die drie uitdijende cirkels staat Eugene Gant, een briljante en rusteloze jongen met het brandende verlangen om zijn ge
Daal neder, engel : over het bedolven leven
Thomas Wolfe
Sjaak Commandeur
Original language
Original title
Look homeward angel : a story of the buried life
Amsterdam: Uitgeverij Van Oorschot, 2018

About Thomas Wolfe

Thomas Clayton Wolfe (October 3, 1900 – September 15, 1938) was an American novelist of the early 20th century.

Wolfe wrote four lengthy novels as well as many short stories, dramatic works, and novellas. He is known for mixing highly original, poetic, rhapsodic, and impressionistic prose with autobiographical writing. His books, written and published from the 1920s to the 1940s, vividly reflect on American culture and the mores of that period, filtered through Wolfe's sensitive, sophisticated, and hyper-analytical perspective.

After Wolfe's death, contemporary author William Faulkner said that Wolfe may have been the greatest talent of their generation for aiming higher than any other writer. Wolfe's influence extends to the writings of Beat Generation writer Jack Kerouac, and of authors Ray Bradbury and Philip Roth, among others. He remains an important writer in modern American literature, as one of the first masters of autobiogr…Read more on Wikipedia